Stumbling in the Dark

I feel like I’m stumbling in the dark.  Is that common among entrepreneurs?  I don’t know.

Updates:  1 more YouTube subscriber – that makes 10.  I’m in the double-digits now, folks.  Watch out, world.

I started a podcast a few months ago (or rather, I set up a podcast, but never published any episodes).  The problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to use the “same content” on my videos on my podcasts.  The main reason is that I wasn’t planning my videos, and some of them were 5 minutes long while others are 20 minutes long.  I wanted to use the same audio track from my videos on my podcast, and just cut in an intro.

So this strategy didn’t work at all, and I didn’t feel good about it.  I’ve always heard that we can get stuck in “in the box thinking” and I think that this happened to me.  The solution to my problem is very obvious.  What I should do is plan the podcast FIRST.  And then just develop my video around the audio track that I’ve already made.  That way, I can still use the same content.  I don’t know why it took me months to come up with this.

My plan is to try to stand out in a slightly less crowded channel.  I don’t think there are as many podcasters in my industry as there are YouTubers, so I am going to try this strategy out for 6 months and kind of reevaluate where I am at the end of that time.

The schedule will be just one video and one podcast per week, but I’ll be aiming for 10-20 minutes.

I am also going to simplify my product offering.  I don’t think I’m ready to offer a “tier” as was suggested to me.  So I am going to see if things improve (i.e. a first sale is made) if I simplify my sales page a bit.

I might run a Facebook ad for my course, too, just to see how that works out.  I might do that in a few weeks – I probably should, in fact.  If anything, it would be a good way to practice copywriting and also test my sales page for effectiveness.