Starting Point

As promised, I am going to post some information to kind of give you an idea of where my “starting point” is.  In reality, everyone’s starting point is zero.  But since I’ve been working on this business for almost five months now, I think it’s only fair to be transparent and let you know exactly where I am.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to think of success as something that just “happens” to people.  But I’d like to support the idea that it’s actually a long, sweaty, bloody process.  And I’m right smack-dab in the middle of all that mess.

So here goes:

  • I have one product for sale.  I have sold it ZERO times.
  • I have 9 subscribers on my YouTube channel.
  • I have 2 e-mail list subscribers.
  • I have 51 YouTube videos on the site right now.
  • I have a website with 30 or so posts.
  • I get between 100-200 visitors to my website per month.

As you can see, I’m not starting from scratch.  But as you can also see, I have not sold any of my product.  I have made a decent attempt at marketing on YouTube, but have not promoted my channel, my videos, or my website on anywhere but my Facebook fan page.

What industry am I in?

My website, product and videos are in the online learning industry.  The product should be evergreen, as I can’t even imagine a day in the future where someone will not need to learn this skill.  People currently spend billions of dollars worldwide to learn it (i.e. there is a current market that pays for it right now), and I think I am offering a unique twist on the learning that not too many people are currently offering (i.e. I am leveraging a skill that I have in order to make my product unique).

My big question right now

So if I feel like I have a decent product, and there is a definite market of people ALREADY paying for this product, and I think my product is unique, WHY am I not seeing the traffic and sales that I’d like to see?

The answer

  • Obviously, I’m not where my PAYING customers are (as the gurus say).  Are they on YouTube?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I am feeling like most people go to YouTube to learn stuff for free.
  • With my YouTube videos, I feel like I’ve used the dartboard method for picking the topics.  (Basically, it seems like I’ve just thrown a dart at the wall and picked topics at random.  They are all teaching the skill I’m targeting, but I didn’t focus effort on the specific topics)
  • I’m not working as methodically and regularly as I should be.  I have lots of personal obligations that seem to encroach my business as much as possible.  So I need to cut that out.
  • I’m not doing any other marketing activities.  So while I might eventually see traction with this non-confrontational method that I am pursuing, I would see it faster if I were more aggressive.

Whelp.  Now it’s painstakingly clear that I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  Time to make a plan.  A system to work.  I’ve had enough of GOALS.  Goals are like wishes, sadly.

Next post will be my plan, and maybe some updates.

Till next time,