First Post – Introduction

Growing a business is like a flower blooming

Hello dear reader.  I am very appreciative of you taking the time to read this post and visit my humble website.

This post will serve as an introduction to what I am trying to accomplish.  My goal is to track my progress in a transparent manner (while still attempting to preserve a tad bit of privacy for myself).  I don’t plan to reveal the domain url where my project is hosted at this point, but maybe I will someday.

For now, I plan to write about the obstacles and challenges that I face in my current business.  I want to talk about the income that I am earning (or not earning, as it now stands), developing information products, making videos, growing my social media following, and of course, my WordPress website.

I’m not a web designer, but I’m not afraid to get down and dirty with things.  So as I go through and overcome new WordPress (or other technology) challenges, I may make tutorials and post them here.  I also have WordPress plugins and such that I love and recommend, so I will definitely share those with my readers.

There are others that have gone down this path.  Some of them I plan to mention in my writing on this site.  I don’t intend that my website be a copy or a substitute for the absolutely incredible wealth of information that is already available to you.  Instead, I am hoping that this blog serves as a creative outlet for you, and perhaps helps you in some way.

I also can’t promise you that there won’t be an occasional rant or emotional vomit about how hard this process is.  It really isn’t for the faint of heart.  This shit’s hard!

In the next post, I’ll post some numbers to show where I am now as far as traffic to my website, current challenges, and some project ideas that I am working on.  And maybe some of that feely stuff too.

If there is ever anything that you would like to know, please, feel free to ask!

Peace out,


(Mercedes is the middle name I never had.  Someday, it will become my actual middle name.  But as of now, I don’t have one.  My point is that Mercedes is my online pseudonym.  It’s to preserve my privacy, and that of my family.  Thanks for understanding!  I don’t plan on talking openly about this, so only the lucky readers that have been here since the beginning or dug through my posts will know.  Ha!)